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  • 1986 - Oy Arisaukko Ab was established. Back then the company operated overseas thermo- and fabric transportations as well as forwarding, distribution and warehousing services.


  • 1987 - Seinäjoen Saukko Oy was established to offer an ambient food warehousing, forwarding and distribution service in Seinäjoki.


  • 1990 - Jääsaukko Oy was established as a part of Saukko Group. Jääsaukko Oy then bought Pakkaskaari Oy's business. The same year Seinäjoen Saukko Oy's frozen warehouse was moved to be a part of Jääsaukko Oy's business.


  • 1991 - Jääsaukko Oy set up an operation unit in Tampere at Valio Oyj's premises. The same year Jääsaukko Oy bought Tranex Oy's business in Lielahti, Tampere.


  • 1992 - Oü Arisaukko Baltica Ltd was established as Saukko Group's sister company. Oü Arisaukko Baltica Ltd offers the same services in Baltic countries. The same year Jääsaukko Oy set up a business unit in Turku.


  • 1996 - Arisaukko-operations, which comprise overseas transports, became a part of Jääsaukko Oy's thermologistics by forming an independent business unit at Jääsaukko Oy.


  • 2006 - Jääsaukko Oy started a frozen warehouse business in Puumala.


  • 2008 – Puumala’s new technology frozen warehouse opening ceremony. Around the same time Jääsaukko Oy’s business in Pirkanmaa moved from Lielahti in Tampere to Marjamäki in Lempäälä.


  • 2008 - Eräsaukko Oy opened for business in Posio, Lapiosalmi.


  • 2009 - Eräsaukko Oy bought Kenestupa Travel Center in Utsjoki.


  • Since then Jääsaukko Oy has established comprehensive transport- and distribution system that covers the whole country. This also includes the Thermotaxi-business for smaller deliveries.

Responsible actions

We always act responsibly and the environment plays a key role in all our operations and investments.

Saukko Group


 Saukko Group

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