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Saukko Group is a Finnish transportation and warehousing corporation specializing in thermologistics, forwarding and overseas operations. Saukko Group offers high quality logistic services and comprehensive solutions for special products in Finland and overseas. The company consists of Jääsaukko Oy, Seinäjoen Saukko Oy, Oü  Arisaukko Baltica Ltd, Jääholvi Oy and Citysaukko Oy. International road transports operate under the name Arisaukko and are a part of Jääsaukko Oy's operations. Global air and ocean freights operate under the name Arisaukko Overseas. 


Jääsaukko Oy
Jääsaukko Oy is a growing company, that offers warehouse and transport solutions for temperature controlled food products in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The company's wide and integrated logistics' system covers Finland, Baltic countries and the whole of Europe. Jääsaukko Oy has experienced and helpful employees who have worked in the company for several years. The environment plays a key role in the company's operations and investments; as an example Jääsaukko Oy is the first company in Finland to built deep freezing warehouse that makes use of digital tehcnology and CO2 as a cooling substance.
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Jääholvi Oy
Jääholvi Oy has been operating since 1973. The company offers deep freezing services in Masku. Their deep freezing services include i.e. frozen tunnel, where for example animal carcasses can be freezed. Jääholvi Oy also has Russian, Kazakstan and Belarus' customs unions' rights for export warehousing. All freezing services have been integrated with Jääsaukko Oy's overall systems.


Seinäjoen Saukko Oy
Seinäjoen Saukko Oy is located in a province of Finland called Pohjanmaa. They are a warehousing 'hotel', that offers warehouse, transport and distribution services.



Oü Arisaukko Baltica Ltd
Oü Arisaukko Baltica Ltd operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company offers mainly food logistic services with some supplementary services. Oü Arisaukko Baltica Ltd also offers transits to Finland, Central-Europe and Russia. Transports between Finland and Estonia are operated on a daily basis.



Citysaukko Oy
Citysaukko Oy is one of the transport companies that operate in Saukko Group. The company is owned by Saukko Group and has been operating Saukko Group's tranports since 1995.

Responsible actions

We always act responsibly and the environment plays a key role in all our operations and investments.

Saukko Group


 Saukko Group

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